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FreeBSD Guide

Very easy guide to understand and quite easy to follow. Here’s your change to try-out FreeBSD. This guide is targeted mainly towards beginners and Non-geek’s. This guide will have you running FreeBSD in no time.

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Qmail Guide

Guide on how to install Qmail from ports on FreeBSD. This guide will help you install a solid and reliable Qmail MTA. Last time this guide was tested in the real world was June 3rd 2017 using FreeBSD 10.3

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Roundcube Guide

Guide on how to install Roundcube. I made a very easy guide on how to install it from ports. This vould actually turn out be a lot easier than you though. Oh and btw. Roundcube looks quite cool as well.

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New Page And Content On The Way

The old page was terrible outdated, I’m terrible sorry about that, but work and family needs my attention too. This said however with the amount of e-mails I receive because of either this or that is no longer working left me with 2 options. Either reply to quite a few e-mails, […]

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Virtual Logos

Operating systems on virtual machines. This is the standard now. It’s been ages since I installed a server with FreeBSD or Linux on a fysical machine. So to get you started here are some guides showing you how to get FreeBSD and Ubuntu running on some of the virtualization software that exists out there. These guides are aimed at “normal” users and not experts and hence quite short. You can read them [here]
Kindle Paperwhite

So turns out I’ve been reading books all wrong as of late. I read a lot. Like literally “a lot”. Excelent pun there. I had the kindle app on my phone for a long time and enjoyed having my books with me. Until I saw someone on the subway reading on a Kindle Paperwhite. I was like “Wow” the non glare screen made it look as if reading an actual book. So I got one. And never looked back. This baby is awesome.
Apache Book

So yea… I consider my self somehow bright also when it comes to Apache mod_rewrite. Nevertheless some time ago I came across a mod_rewrite task I needed done. A Google search was to no avail. The solutions either didn’t work or where outdated. After a few hours I simply gave up, went to Amazon and bought “The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite” hardcopy written by Rich Bowen. The book solved my problem. I’ve since added this to my Kindle library as well. Thank you Rich.

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