Guide On How To Install FreeBSD From Scratch

Guide On How To Install FreeBSD From Scratch 2018-01-09T14:27:18+01:00

A Step By Step Guide On How To Install FreeBSD For Non-geek’s And Beginners
A step by step guide on how to install FreeBSD.I know they are floating all around the Internet. Installation guides for various operating systems. And now here’s another one. Now I don’t claim my guide is better than others, but this guide is written with the beginner and non-geek in mind. I’ve put a lot of effort into making it easy to read and hopefully easy to understand as well. I also tried explaining “why” as often as I could instead of just explaining “how”. The “why” part is perhaps not as elaborated as I could have wished for. I still hope you will find useful and hopefully an easy time installing FreeBSD.

“Installing FreeBSD should be a matter of a few minutes depending on your system”

When I first decided to write a guide on installing FreeBSD the release was 2.2. And one would install FreeBSD from 2 floppies, which one would download with a modem connection. The download and then the installation would take more than a night. So yeah, well that guide never made it to paper or online media and a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then.

But let’s to the chase. Here is my guide on how to install FreeBSD from scratch. The release we will install is FreeBSD 10.3

Obtaining FreeBSD

Before installing FreeBSD you need to download the appropriate FreeBSD ISO image and burn it to a CD-ROM or load it into your virtual machine. If you need a guide on how to setup a virtual machine I have a guide [click here]

Next you need to decide which version of FreeBSD to get. Whatever version you choose the FreeBSD guide and FreeBSD installation will remain mostly the same.

You can grab a copy of FreeBSD here [download]

I highly recommend downloading the DVD ISO or at least the CD-ROM ISO. If you are a beginner or intermediate user grabbing one of those specific ISO’s will save you a lot of headaches later.

Once downloaded you will need to burn this image to a CD-ROM or DVD or mount the ISO in your virtual machine. When this is done make sure the computer or virtual machine you are installing FreeBSD to is set up to boot from the CD, DVD or ISO.

Navigating the installation menu

Before proceeding let’s have a quick rundown on how to navigate the menus. This may come as a surprise, but during the installation you will only have a keyboard at your disposal. For most people it may be obvious what keys to use, but since this guide is aimed at beginners I’m not making any assumptions that you would know these.

Keyboard Guide Small

[TAB] Usually Located above the “CAPS Lock” key is used to toggle between OK / CANCEL / PROCEED at the bottom of the menu.

[ENTER] Normally the biggest key on your keyboard and usually located to the right. This key is sometimes referred to as the “Return Key”. Used for making a selection based on what is currently highlighted normally blue.

[SPACE] The long key at the bottom of your keyboard. Used for making a selection based on what is currently highlighted normally blue. Assumes the same function as [ENTER]

[UP] / [DOWN] This is the “UP” and “Down” arrow keys on your keyboard NOT the “Page UP” and “Page Down” keys. Used for scrolling up and down the installation menu and highlight your choice.

Now that this is sorted out we can begin the actual installation process.

Installing FreeBSD
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