Guide On How To Remove All Login Messages On FreeBSD

Guide On How To Remove All Login Messages On FreeBSD 2017-08-04T09:53:47+02:00

A Step By Step Guide On How To Remove All Login Messages On FreeBSD
When you normally log in to FreeBSD you’ll be presented with a “lot” of greetings, messages copyright notice and motd “Message Of The Day”. Now this is all very nice the first 2 times you log in. After that you just want to get rid of it all.

The standard login screen consists of 3 parts.

1: At the top we have the Regents of the University of California Copyright notice.
2: In the middle we have motd “Message Of The Day”.
3: At the botto, we have a random FreeBSD tip. Also known as “Fortune”.

We will start with motd. Since we cannot remove this file we will just clear it like this.

:> /etc/motd 

Next for the Copyright notice. This is a strange one. It behaves like this. If no copyright file is present the standard “Regents of the University of California Copyright” is being displayed. With that in mind we just need to create an empty copyright file in order to overright the standard copyright message.

touch /etc/COPYRIGHT 

Removing the Fortune message. This one is controlled from within your shells profile from within the users homedir. For a normal account using the Bash shell you would do the following. Edit the file .profile in the users homedir. Once there find this line.

if [ -x /usr/games/fortune ] ; then /usr/games/fortune freebsd-tips ; fi

And either remove it or just mark the line as a comment like this.

# if [ -x /usr/games/fortune ] ; then /usr/games/fortune freebsd-tips ; fi

Now the above is for the standard user if you want to do this for the root account as well you will need to edit the file .bashrc in the root folder. The file will look pretty much the same as the .profile file located in the standard homedir.

In order for changes to take effect either log out and in again or reload your profile like this.

source ~/.profile

And we are done here.

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