Houston We Have Lift Off

Houston We Have Lift Off

Sorry for the headline pun. Managed to get some content on the new site. Not everything is on place yet, but I’m working on it as fast as I can. As mentioned in an earlier post, the old site was terrible outdated, and instead of just updating the guides on the old site, I figured I’d go an extra mile and do a whole new site as well. Now there are going to be at least 2 major changes to this site versus the old one.

In time Linux guides will show up here as well. I’m not fanatic regarding operating systems FreeBSD just happens to be my favourite.

And second I no longer have the time to maintain 2 sites i.e. a “private” as well as a “tech” site. So non tech stuff will show up here as well. Sorry you will have cope with this or look for guides elsewhere again I’m sorry.


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